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Looking for the best zinc tablets of 2022? Check out the top 5 best tested zinc tablets currently available on the market. The big question of course is, which zinc is the best? We have tested them extensively for taste, effectiveness, added other vitamins, price and quality! Check out the best zinc tablets of 2022 here!
Best Buy Zinc Supplements 2022: Top Rated Zinc Capsules Deals

Holland & Barrett Zinc Gluconate

Holland & Barrett
  • Most popular zinc supplements of 2022
  • Well-known brand Holland & Barrett
  • Best price-quality ratio
  • No artificial coloring agents
  • Not to be used during pregnancy

If you are looking for the best zinc supplements in 2022, then you have come to the right place with these Holland & Barrett tablets. These zinc capsules contain exactly the right amount of zinc that you need, so you do not have to worry about the quantities and can quickly take your dose of zinc when you need it.

Make sure that you no longer have hair loss, that your skin becomes more even and also that your immune system becomes stronger with the best zinc supplements of 2022. In addition, it has the best value for money and sometimes the tablets are also available in a bargain offer, making it easy to buy the best zinc supplements for a good price.

Zinc supports numerous bodily functions and is necessary at basically every age to live a healthy life. Because of this, it is definitely worth considering taking it as a supplement to your daily food intake. This ensures that you always know that you get the right amount of zinc and therefore do not have to worry about, for example, your immune system, eyesight, abnormal skin, abnormal hair or abnormal nails.

The advice for these best zinc supplements from Holland & Barrett is to take them once a day, preferably when taking a meal. The ingredients of these zinc tablets include Dicalcium phosphate, Microcrystalline cellulose, as well as Zinc gluconate and Stabilizer.

In addition, there are no artificial colors present, nor any flavorings or preservatives. Furthermore, we would not indicate that these zinc supplements are among the best supplements of 2022 if they included sugar, sweeteners or salt. Also, there is no yeast incorporated in the zinc tablets.

The advice for these zinc capsules from Holland & Barrett is not to take them while you are pregnant or when breastfeeding. In addition, you should take into account the fact that you can take these zinc tablets if you are under doctor’s treatment. Always consult your doctor about this.

These best zinc supplements from Holland & Barrett contain 100 tablets, which gives you more than 3 months worth of zinc!


Lucovitaal Selenium Zinc Supplements

  • Most known brand on the market
  • Most positive reviews
  • Contains, in addition to Zinc, several vitamins (A, C, E…)
  • More expensive than the Holland & Barrett brand

Are you looking for a supplement that not only contains zinc, but also other vitamins? Then you should choose these Lucovitaal zinc capsules! These contain, besides Selenium, Vitamin A, B6, C, E and Zinc. Zinc is good for maintaining strong bones, contributing to normal resistance to stress. In addition, zinc is very good for the skin, hair and nails, something that many people take these supplements for. They are therefore very suitable for your daily intake of zinc.

It is important that there is a good zinc connection between zinc bisglycinate, zinc methionine and zinc picolinate. These compounds have a proven high bioavailability so they are well absorbed by the body. These Lucovitaal zinc supplements have all this and are therefore included in this list of best zinc supplements of 2022. In addition, they are extensively tested by our independent experts, who happen to have used these zinc supplements for years.

These zinc supplements contribute to, among other things:

  • Muscle building and brain functionalities
  • Metabolism of proteins
  • Wound-healing
  • Hair growth
  • Taking care of the immune system
  • Nerve stimulus transmission, thus reduces stress
  • Antioxidant system replenishment

These are the standard benefits of taking zinc supplements, but are all supported by this best Lucovitaal zinc supplements. In addition, this zinc supplements also contains vitamine A, which ensures normal cell division and is important for the skin and for the mucous membranes in the intestine and lungs. In addition, it is good for vision.

In addition, this best zinc tablets also contains vitamin B6, which also supports the immune system. In addition, it provides a natural energy in the body, helps regulate the activity of hormones and is good for the memory and the nervous system.


Holland & Barret Effervescent Tablets

Bruistabletten met Zink
  • Ideal for both Vitamin C and Zinc supplementation
  • For anyone who has difficulty swallowing capsules
  • Good value for money
  • Fresh orange flavor
  • More expensive than regular zinc supplements

Perhaps the most well-known food supplement on this list, Holland & Barrett’s Vitamin C effervescent tablets can also be purchased with extra zinc. This ensures that you can take a fizzy tablet that supplements both Vitamin C and Zinc in the quantities you need daily. Ideal, right!

The beauty of these effervescent tablets is that you can dissolve them in water. This ensures that people who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, can still maintain their zinc level. In addition, there is a fresh orange flavor to these tablets, so you feel like you’re eating something fresh.

In addition, the effervescent tablets with zinc are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We recommend taking 1 tablet every day, as also stated on the package insert.

Vitamin C and zinc are a perfect combination with both being antioxidants that help protect your body from harmful influences that can take place outside. It is important for the absorption of iron and helps to maintain the immune systems you have. Zinc ensures a normal metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats and therefore ensures good skin, less hair loss and good resistance.


Pharma Nord Bio-Selenium+Zinc

Pharma Nord
  • Popular brand with good reviews
  • Exists for over 25 years
  • Collagen improves skin hydration and makes the skin more supple and elastic
  • Slightly more expensive than the others in this list

The last ones in this list are is the Pharma Nord zinc supplements, which are certainly also among the best zinc supplements of 2022. It helps you keep your immune system functioning normally and is in this list because the product has actually been among the most popular supplements for 25 years. In addition, it is pure and organically manufactured and contains not only zinc, but also vitamins A, B6, C, and E.

These zinc suppplements are good for keeping cartilage and bones in the body functioning. In addition, as mentioned more often, you can take these Pharma Nord tablets to prevent hair loss. It is also good for vision and the mucous membranes. Keep in mind that you can only take the tablets if you have a shortage of zinc & not if you already have a reasonable level of it. You can check this by looking in the description below to see what products you consume daily and whether they contain zinc.

The advantage to these best zinc supplements 2022, is that they also contribute to the protection against oxidative stress, something that makes many people take extra zinc tablets. However, you could also take CBD oil, for example, which we also tested in this list.


Zinc supplements – why?

Why Zinc Supplements?

Despite the fact that it is not common in the Netherlands or Belgium, there are still people with a zinc deficiency. This can manifest itself in a reduction in odor or loss of taste, but also in skin abnormalities. Think for example of acne, which can occur in all ages. It may also be that you have abnormalities of the mucous membranes or a reduced functioning of the immune system. The result is that you are more likely to be caught by an infection and may therefore become ill.

How do I get enough zinc?

Zinc is found in the following products, among others:

  • Cheese or milk, actually all dairy products
  • Flaxseeds, sesame seeds or pine nuts
  • Nuts, such as pecans or cashews
  • Beef, but also in fish such as oysters
  • Cocoa

If you are eating little to none of these products on a daily basis, it ensures that you may not be getting enough zinc. Taking the best zinc tablets from 2022 will ensure that you do not suffer from the symptoms above and can still enjoy life carefree without medical complaints.

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