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Looking for a video doorbell for your front door? Then take a look at our best tested video doorbells that you can use and choose the one that is the cheapest, best tested, most beautiful and most efficient video doorbell currently on the market! We have tested the top 5 video doorbells for you, so you don't have to choose but can just start using this video doorbell!
Best Buy Video Doorbell 2022: Top Rated Video Doorbell Deals

Eufy Video Doorbell

Eufy Video Deurbell

After Ring & Google, this is the most popular (and cheaper alternative!!!) smart video doorbell of 2022. With this Eufy doorbell, you use a camera that is as good as the ones from Ring and Google, but you pay a lot less. In addition, you’ll benefit from the fact that your doorbell can store images locally, so you don’t have to take out a cloud subscription or need an SD card. All of this is simply stored on your Eufy box and you can easily watch it all back yourself.

This smart video doorbell has a sensor that, when motion is detected, gives you a notification in the app, even when it is dark. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, you can connect this doorbell both to wires, but also hang it wirelessly at your front door. So you can hang it anywhere you want. The downside is that the 16 GB internal memory is not expandable, but generally this is not necessary if you do not have people walking past your door all the time.

The images from your Eufy Video Doorbell can be viewed from anywhere. Via your base station, you can store the images for a very long time, so that if you have special visits, you can simply go back and watch your front door moments. Via an encrypted connection, only you can look back at the images shown of the events at your front door. This doesn’t make this Eufy doorbell more special than other smart video doorbells, but it is the cheapest one in 2022 and also in terms of quality simply equal to the others! So you also don’t need to take out a subscription and that also makes it only a one-time investment. Visitors can be seen through your 2K screen resolution. These are sharp images so you can see exactly who is at your door! In addition, you can link the Eufy smart video doorbell 2022 to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, so your whole house becomes smart!

Furthermore, the advantage to this doorbell is that it is wireless. You can hang this wireless doorbell with camera anywhere near your. It lasts up to half a year on the same battery. Then you can easily remove it and recharge it, after 1 night it is ready to act as your best wireless doorbell with camera of 2022 for the rest of the year.


Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Deurbel 2

Everyone knows them, the video doorbells from Ring. Known because of the irritating commercials, but it does work! At the major providers such as Coolblue, these Ring Video Doorbells have already been ordered more than 10,000 times! All of the Netherlands now has a Ring Video Doorbell, which is currently the most popular on the market. It is a video doorbell that remotely talks to your visitor thanks to the built-in camera, speaker and microphone. In addition, the doorbell also just has an old-fashioned function, namely the normal gong that you hear when the doorbell rings. This ensures that – if you are at home – you still hear the door and can just traditionally open the door.

In addition, the wireless doorbell with camera also serves as a kind of security. With a motion detection of up to 9 meters you get a notification via the app on your phone. That way you always know when someone is at the door and you also know whether you should open the door or use the app to let them know you’re not at home!

The annoying thing about this Ring Video Doorbell, is that you cannot adjust the melody of the bell. As a result, you always hear the real gong of the Ring brand video doorbell, but it is unfortunately not adjustable. In addition, the doorbell is fairly large, measuring 12 inches by 6 inches. Pass-through doorbells are a lot smaller than the one you have here at Ring. After all, it is a Video Doorbell, so it makes sense that it would be a bit larger than the other normal traditional doorbells.

The wireless doorbell with camera works through a WiFi connection that is in contact with your cell phone. In this way you always know when the doorbell rings and you can decide for example whether the letter carrier will bring the parcel round or whether you want to tell the neighbor that you will be visiting him later for a nice cold beer.

The final downside to this Ring Video Doorbell 2 is that you need to make sure you have a strong WiFi connection at your front door. There may be several doors or walls that deteriorate the signal, which can cause interference when the wireless video smart doorbell tries to connect to your app. So make sure you have tested it enough before you start using this video doorbell 2022. If you are convinced, then choose this smart doorbell with camera and make sure that a package is never delivered to your neighbors again!


Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell

The Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell is Ring’s version of the doorbell, but in a Google jacket. We know that Google has made more of these kinds of gadgets, but now it appears that they have also entered the world of doorbells with WiFi and camera. Not a bad choice in itself, as this Google Nest Hello smart doorbell is in our spot three among best tested video doorbells of 2022! Like with the Ring doorbells, the Google doorbell uses an app and WiFi to show you who is at your door. Replace your current wired doorbell with this Google nest Hello video doorbell and say hello to the convenience this brings you! No more picking up your package from the neighbors or from the post office, but just make sure that it’s nice and easy at the back by the gate or behind the wheelie bins.

The advantage of the Google Nest Hello is that it talks and listens in HD quality. If you’re somewhere with a poor Internet connection, you obviously want the quality of the transmission of the smart doorbell to ensure that you know who is at the door and that you can hear them clearly. Let’s be honest, otherwise buying a video doorbell in the year 2022 is worthless!

You can watch images live from your Google video doorbell day and night. This means that at any time you want you can just open the app on your phone and see who is at your door, or what is happening at your front door.

The problem with this video doorbell though is that you need a bell transformer of 12 volts. Otherwise, unfortunately, you won’t be able to install the Google Nest Hello. Also, with this Google Hello doorbell, you need to make sure you have a strong WiFi connection at your front door. There may be several doors or walls that deteriorate the signal, which can cause interference when it tries to connect to your app. So make sure you have tested it enough before you start using this video doorbell 2022.

Lastly, also keep in mind that – if you want to use the doorbell fully with all its functionalities – you will need to buy a Google Nest Aware subscription for this. This is a subscription that you need and have to pay for 50 euros per year.


Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The best-known doorbell brand, Ring, has introduced several models to the market. In 2020, they came out with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. It is the improved version of the already existing Ring Video Doorbell 2. See the differences below:

  • The Ring Pro has a Full HD camera with a field of view of no less than 160 degrees.
  • Unlike Ring’s Video Deurbell, you can fully customize the motion detection to suit your needs.
  • You can easily record the images you take and save them to the cloud for later review
  • You get 4 different covers. So you can decide which one you want and choose the one that best fits your front door.

This makes the Ring Video Doorbell Pro an upgrade from the already released doorbell with WiFi that Ring has already introduced to the market once. However, you have to take into account the fact that you have to pay 30 euros annually for a subscription with RING for storing your cloud videos. So, if you want to save images you take at your front door, you better choose this subscription.

In addition, this Pro has the advantage of being a very compact video doorbell. Also, the improved motion detection ensures that you won’t get a false alarm if someone rings your doorbell and then an app message comes to your mobile. Of course, you don’t want to be unnecessarily disturbed while eating or drinking in a restaurant or bar.

With this Ring Video Doorbell Pro, make sure you can always be reached at your front door and choose when to open and when not to open the door. Choose to have the letter carrier leave your package at the back door, throw it over the gate or place it behind the wheelie bins. This way you no longer have to pass the neighbors and you have a convenient delivery person who does not have to come back with your package again.


Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell

Unlike the top 3, the Arlo is a cheaper doorbell version. This is an audio doorbell. So you don’t have image, but the user experience is just as good. That’s why this Arlo is becoming increasingly popular on the market! It is a cheaper and a more effective version of the Ring and the Google Nest Hello video doorbell, so why not go for this?

The Arlo Audio Doorbell is an addition to the existing Arlo IP camera you may already have hanging in your home. This doorbell has a built-in microphone and speaker. This allows you to communicate with the people at your door. The advantage of this Arlo doorbell, is that you don’t need an app to communicate. As soon as the doorbell rings, it will ring to your phone and you can pick up and speak to the visitor. If you can’t answer, the visitors can even leave a message which you can then listen to afterwards. You could also leave a pre-programmed message, for example that you are not interested right now or you won’t be home for two days.

The advantage of this Arlo Audio Doorbell is that you don’t have any hassle with wires or anything. You just buy 2 AA batteries and you’re done. You can easily hang it by your front door and start using the Arlo doorbell audio right away.


Qnect Smart Wi-Fi doorbell

Qnect Smart Wi-Fi doorbell

This Qnect doorbell should definitely not be missing from our Wi-Fi doorbell list! It is a unique doorbell that can be combined with other voice controlled devices in your home. Thus, this Qnect video doorbell also combines with a Google home or Amazon Alexa. With the Qnect video doorbell you always know who is at your door by using Wi-Fi signals and a camera. You get notifications in your Qnect home app and you can speak directly with the person at your door. In addition, the images are automatically stored on a micro SD card that can handle up to 128Gb. You can also use a paid cloud service, on which everything will be automatically stored. In addition, you can also let it work together with other smart devices in your home! For example, you can make sure that the outside light switches on when someone presses the bell, by connecting it to your Qnect doorbell.

In addition, installing your Qnect doorbell is very easy. You can ensure that your doorbell uses the built-in rechargeable battery. But in addition, you can also choose to use the existing 12-24V wiring of the old doorbell.

Best wifi doorbell with camera

Do you already know which Wi-Fi doorbell you want to buy? Then at least go through the following steps to determine if you need a Wi-Fi doorbell with camera at all!

  1. People often ring your doorbell at home: without people dropping by your house, a video doorbell with camera is of course of little use to you. It will hardly be used and then it is a waste of investment.
  2. You often have parcels delivered: if the parcel deliverer is at your door every day and you work during the day, it is easy to have this doorbell with camera. It allows you to indicate to the letter carrier where to put the package
  3. You don’t have nice neighbors: should you dislike your neighbors, you definitely don’t want your packages to be delivered to them. Reason enough to make use of a Wifi doorbell with camera!
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