Best PS5 Racing Wheel 2022

Those who race on their PlayStation of course want to use a racing wheel to make their experience even better while gaming. That way, it really feels as if you're in the car and you can also immerse yourself in the game much better. For the real gamers among us, we have listed the best racing wheels for you that are a perfect match for the PS5. In addition, we tested them with different games (Gran Turismo, F1, etc) to be able to write a good review about the best PS5 racing wheel at the moment.
best racing wheel 2022 steering wheel

Hori Apex Racing Wheel PS5

Hori Apex
  • Plug & Play, easy to install
  • Solid construction
  • Good value for money
  • Suction cups fairly difficult to attach
  • Plastic clippers make noise
  • Not really Force Feedback

Perhaps a lesser known brand, but the Hori Apex is definitely a steering wheel that belongs in the top 5 best racing wheels for the PlayStation 5. This wheel is equipped with a vibration motor. This makes you experience road changes or bumps, apex, a wall hitting you or an opponent pressing from the back the best way. This provides an extra realistic feeling while driving the PS5 racing wheel. In addition, you can adjust the sensitivity of the steering wheel itself. Everyone has a different driving style, so you could easily adjust it to your own driving style. This Hori Apex racing wheel PS5 uses a rubber grip at the wheel. You can also program the buttons, so you can easily have the functions you prefer to use at hand while playing.

Many people choose this racing wheel because it is a wheel that is under 100 euros. So if you want a cheap racing wheel then go for the Hori Apex Racing Wheel ps5. This is easy to use for the ps5, but also for other consoles. So if you are looking for a racing wheel that works on different consoles because you also play on the PC, you can buy this one! It is not the best wheel on the market, but in terms of price / quality it really belongs in the top 5.


Logitech G29 Driving Force

  • Voted best PS5 racing wheel 2021 & 2022
  • Developed together with Sony, so 100% compatible with PS4 & PS5
  • These non-linear brake pedals mimic a pressure-sensitive braking system
  • Not plug & play on PC, Logitech Gaming Software is required
  • The Logitech G29 Driving Force is not compatible with the Xbox

If we are talking about a PS5 racing wheel, then you have come to the right place! The Logitech G920 Driving Force is made specifically for the PlayStation 5, making it suitable as an F1 racing wheel. It is also used for Gran Turismo games. It has more buttons on the wheel than the Xbox One version and is therefore suitable for the PlayStation 5. We are talking about a racing wheel with a USB connection that weighs a total of 8 kilograms. In addition, you make use of Force and rumble feedback, or in other words an extra realistic feeling while driving. This is mega useful for your best racing wheel ps5. The Logitech G920 racing wheel has a dial to adjust brake balance while racing and positive/negative buttons to adjust traction control. In addition, you have lights on the wheel that indicate when you should shift gears. Just like in a real Formula 1 car, you use so-called flippers on the steering wheel so that you can change gears instead of using a gear stick, for example. This way, you can easily change gears and keep your attention and concentration on the road, which is hard enough as it is!

The wheel can be used for both the ps5 and the ps4. This is because it is a steering wheel developed by Sony, which means that they have thought about the quality requirements for a PlayStation and they have incorporated them. The steering shaft of this F1 racing wheel for your ps5 is wear-resistant. This means that it is reinforced with steel ball bearings and this ensures that it will last longer than you would think. The great thing about this G29 Driving Force wheel, is that it uses non-linear brake pedals. This means that it is mimicking a pressure sensitive braking system. Especially when you’re approaching a corner at 330 kilometers per hour and you need to brake, you’ll feel that you need to apply extra force to make sure that you reach the corner in time and don’t fly out of it! In that respect, this wheel is really suitable for an F1 game.

For the real racing fans, you should use it with racing simulators like Project Cars (1 or 2) and Dirt Rally. In addition, you can use it well for the F1 games, but they are slightly less suitable for that. All in all, this wheel really is among the best racing wheels ps5 at the moment!


Ferrari F1 Racing Wheel PS4 / PS5

Formula 1 Racing Wheel
  • Makes it feel like you are in an F1 car
  • Beautiful Ferrari design
  • Use this racing wheel with the PC, Xbox or PlayStation consoles
  • This Racing Wheel is only suitable for the T500, T300, TX Racing Wheel series.

Are you really looking for a Formula 1 Steering Wheel for your PS4 or PS5? Then you have come to the right place. This best racing wheel definitely belongs in this list of best racing wheels, because this is actually the only imitation racing wheel available on the market. In addition, it is fairly cheap. However, you have to take into account that this is an add-on. It is a Wheel for the Thrustmaster T500 RS, giving you an accurate, robust and realistic racing wheel while playing the Playstation. This easy-to-mount attachment is in fact an exact replica of the wheel from the Ferrari 150° Italia, the car that Ferrari drove in the 2011 Formula One season. The wheel is literally made under official license from Ferrari. Put the F1 Wheel on your T500 RS and experience F1 racing like a real Ferrari driver. The grips have a rubber coating for a lifelike and also comfortable grip. This Racing Wheel is suitable for the T500, T300 and the TX Racing Wheel series.

This F1 wheel is actually a bit lighter than the GTE variant and therefore steers just a bit faster and sharper. This is useful when driving on a circuit where there are a lot of short and fast corners, like Monaco for example. The only drawback is that there is no screen and shift lights mounted on the steering wheel but that is too much to ask for this price range. The push buttons all work and are firmly in place, the flippers on the back give a nice clear click and push back with a spring.


Thrustmaster T300 RS

  • Swap the steering wheel for another (sold separately)
  • Adjust the gas and brake pedals in height and distance from each other
  • Works perfectly on PS4 & PS5
  • This racing wheel is not suitable for the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S

Thrustmaster is – alongside Logitech – a well-known supplier of racing wheels for the ps5. As such, the T300 RS gaming wheel is ideal to use with both the PlayStation 4 and ps5. It uses a USB connection, but is much lighter compared to the number one in this list (Logitech G29 Driving Force). In fact, it weighs only 3 kilograms. However, it does use a force and rumble feedback and you can in fact rotate 1080 degrees. Unlike the G29, this one has a two pedal set. It is not intended that you switch gears, so it is mainly made for F1 racing or racing without switching gears.

What this ps5 wheel does contain, is a contactless magnetic sensor (HEART) that does not wear out and can measure the position of the wheel very accurately. This will ensure that you have the ultimate racing experience while racing!

This Thrustmaster T300 RS ps5 wheel is mainly used with Gran Turismo. The wheel is made specifically for this game, which is why we have included it in the top 5 best racing wheels of 2022 for your PlayStation 5. It has an improved brushless motor compared to its predecessors. This ensures that you have smooth responsive force feedback and thus a realistic feel. This is because the motor is stationary while racing your racing wheel. You can even adjust the height of the pedals to your liking with this wheel, as well as the distance between the gas and clutch pedals. You can even choose to change the wheel so that you can use a realistic Formula 1 racing wheel on your ps5.

There is an opinion about the Logitech handlebars that they have a ‘deadzone’ that is perceived as irritating. The great thing about this wheel is that you can buy extra options so you can produce your own ideal wheel for each game. This way you don’t have to spend too much money in one go and still have a perfect ps5 racing wheel.

For the real racing fans, you should use this Gran Turismo or Drive Club. In addition, you can use it for the F1 games, but they are slightly less suitable for that. You can also use this wheel if you play a lot of GT sports, for example.


Thrustmaster T150 Ferrari stuur ps5

Thrustmaster T150 Ferrari
  • You will not get bored
  • Highly recommended for racing games
  • Feels like you are in a Ferrari
  • Sweaty hands from the rubber grip
  • Pedals are not of top quality
  • Difficult to connect to PC

Are you a big fan of Ferrari? Then you can buy this F1 Ferrari steering wheel for your ps5 and enjoy it every day. The beautiful logo of Ferrari is placed in the middle of the wheel and the leather is finished in the recognizable red color of the wheel. It’s a fantastic experience to take on the role of Schumacher, Vettel or Leclerc while racing. If you want to use this racing wheel for the PlayStation 4, it will be automatically recognized by the ps5. In addition, it has a DualShock 4 and PS, Options and SHARE buttons. This also allows you to use it as a regular wheel while gaming and get the real experience of an F1 Ferrari wheel as well.

In addition, the rotation angle of this wheel is adjustable. You can adjust it from 270 degrees up to 1080 degrees. It is a wheel that perfectly fits the ps5, which is not the case with several of its competitors. It is, in fact, an Official Licensed PlayStation Product. It is literally made for the ps4 and the ps5 to have a great F1 wheel or race wheel experience with your game.

Even though there is no hardmount included, it is just enough to use the included clamp to secure your wheel to your playseat. In addition, the ps5 wheel is also easy to attach to a table or desk, giving you the ideal racing experience and also allowing you to set it at the right height.

Enjoy the hefty force feedback that makes you start to feel almost every pebble on the road while racing. It will be a lot more realistic to start racing with this Thrustmaster T150 Ferrari wheel.

The diameter of this F1 wheel is also just fine. So it’s not a tiny wheel, but it’s also not a huge thing that’s always in the way or hard to control.


Which racing wheel for your ps5? Here are 5 tips!

5 tips for your ideal racing wheel

To know exactly which wheel to buy, here are several tips. This is because it completely depends on what console you have, as well as what type of driver you are. Finally, the game you play also determines which ps5 racing wheel you should buy!

What type of steering wheel do I need?

There are different types of racing wheels, namely casual steering wheels, advanced steering wheels and pro steering wheels!

Casual steering wheels
For the people who don’t need a lot, but just want to race with a throttle, brake and nothing else, they can use a casual wheel. They can be easily attached to your desk or table and are also a lot cheaper than the others.

Advanced Steering Wheel
If you’ve already logged some hours of racing, you can use a steering wheel for advanced racers. This has a force feedback that ensures that you have ideal road holding while racing. This already gives you a more realistic feeling than with a casual steering wheel. In addition, the pedals are also generally adjustable, so you can make your ideal seating position and at least it won’t bother you when you spend hours at a stretch on your PlayStation 5 racing wheel.

Pro Steering Wheel
Finally, we have a steering wheel with which you could set a track record, namely a wheel for pros. With these, you can set records that will make hundredths of a second difference while gaming. These steering wheels are made from robust and luxurious materials. This means that they hardly wear out. Also, you are dealing with a realistic force feedback effect while racing with your PlayStation 5 racing wheel.

What console will I play with my racing wheel?

Of course, this is also important when gaming. This is because there are steering wheels that are not compatible with different consoles. For example, the Logitech G29 Driving Force is a wheel that is specifically made for the PS4 and PS5, while the Thrustmaster is also controllable for the Xbox One and the computer. Pay very close attention to this, as some features won’t work if you use the wrong steering wheel with the wrong game or console.

Which wheel fits which game?

Which game you play also depends on which wheel you need to buy. There are Formula 1 racing wheels, but also Gran Turismo racing wheels (such as the Thrustmaster T300 RS). These are set up to make you feel the road handling better for a particular game. In addition, some steering wheels can also make a larger turning radius and some don’t have a gearshift lever because you simply don’t need one when you’re just racing F1. If you prefer to drive through the streets of Monaco or want to drive in the woods with DIRT Rally or Grid, this makes quite a difference which steering wheel you will have to take.

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