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Looking for the best outdoor TV of 2022? We've done an extensive test on the best QLED / OLED / 4K / Smart TVs of 2022 and made a top 5 just for you! This way you make sure you don't pay too much and that you get the right quality TV in your home that you deserve! Check out this overview of the best outdoor TVs here and make sure you don't make any mispurchases!
Best Buy Outdoor TV 2022: Top Rated Best Indoor tv for Outdoor use

Samsung QE55Q70T

Samsung Qled
  • Best outdoor TV 2022
  • Most popular on
  • Adjusts brightness to ambient light
  • No disturbance from outside noise
  • Because of the limited viewing angle, the picture quality deteriorates when you sit at a certain angle in front of the TV

When buying an outdoor TV, it’s best to choose a Qled screen. The reason for this is that it can best withstand sun rays and bright lights from outside. Generally speaking, you have brighter light outside than inside and you can’t always prevent sun rays from shining on your TV. This ensures that you should choose a Qled screen if you want to buy the best outdoor TV!

This Samsung Qled QE55Q70T is made for outdoor use. It has a powerful processor from Samsung and optimizes the picture quality and sound for ideal viewing conditions. This ensures that, for example, you can ideally watch sports outside if there is a European Championship or World Cup. Or if you want to watch the Olympics outside or follow the Tour de France with your friends while enjoying a beer.

100% color volume with Quantum Dot

Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology combines a tremendously bright picture with natural and intense colors. QLED TVs are the first TVs with a certified 100% color volume. This also ensures that if you have sun rays on your TV, for example, you won’t see this as much as with an OLED TV, for example. So in a beautiful sunset at sea, you can still see the blue tones in the dark seawater.

Add to that the fact that you can use the ‘adaptive picture’. This is a program that adapts to the ambient light and adjusts the brightness of the TV accordingly. This ensures that both in broad daylight or late at night you can turn on the TV outside and get the best TV for outdoor qualities at home without having to pay extra for this.

In addition, it is always a little more noisy outside than it is inside. For example, you may hear your neighbors, but you may also hear birds or ambient sounds of cars that you don’t want to hear when you’re watching TV. The Active Voice Amplifier amplifies the voices in the scene you are watching so that the dialogue comes through clearly. So you won’t miss a word of the sports commentator or the exciting movie you are watching, while the neighbors don’t have to lower their voices when you want to watch your sport.


Samsung QLED 50Q64T

Samsung QLED 50Q64T
  • Cheapest QLED option
  • Features user-friendly Samsung Smart Hub
  • No wires visible
  • Features Ambient Mode
  • Only 3 HDMI ports
  • Sound is less than with the Philips The One

Looking for a waterproof TV for outdoors? Then you immediately think of a TV of over 4,000 euros. However, you can also choose to put your TV outside only if you want to watch it outside. This Smart TV for outside is a QLED TV, which has the advantage that it is ideal against sunlight and solar radiation. That way the colors of your TV are still as good as if you would put the TV inside and you can fully enjoy a good picture outside in your garden in front of the TV.

This 50-inch outdoor TV uses 100% color volume and the QLED technology ensures that you can experience all your games, flims and series in top quality at home outside in the garden. This best outdoor smart TV has high contrast and bright picture quality due to Quantum HDR. This means that both the dark and light images are perfectly reflected in the channels and programs that are HDR. This does matter if, for example, you have a lot of ambient light when you want to watch TV outside. Due to the Quantum Processor Lite and 4K AI Upscaling, this TV converts all content to the best quality, regardless of the source.

Want to watch TV outside without cables? Then you can easily let your mobile communicate with this Samsung Smart TV for outdoors. Want to watch that funny movie on your mobile on a bigger screen? You can! Use the mobile view, and watch all your phone content on this QLED outdoor TV.

In addition, this TV has a nice addition, which is that you can use the Ambient Mode. This is an option where you can project (art) pictures on your TV or make it equal to the background of the TV, so that you do not have a black object in the garden but it is in sync with the rest of the garden or canopy, or it can be the showpiece of your garden if you show beautiful images on it when you are not watching TV.



  • Cheapest 4K solution
  • HDR 10 image
  • Best value for money
  • Most reviews on
  • No Google Playstore present for apps like Videoland and DisneyPlus

Do you want to watch television outside in an inexpensive way? Then for you, this is the best outdoor TV you can get. You can purchase this outdoor smart TV for a cheaper price than its competitors and it also comes in 4K, giving you perfect picture. However, you should put this TV under a canopy where there is little sun on the screen, as this will result in lesser picture quality. If you have no choice but to put your TV in the sun when you go outside to watch TV, then you better choose a more expensive solution with a QLED screen technology. This will be least affected by the sun’s rays or ambient lighting.

Furthermore, you should not be a Videoland or DisneyPlus fan. These apps cannot be installed on the TV, so you cannot see them and can only chromecast it to your TV via your phone. A Ziggo app on WiFi is also not possible, because the TV has no Google Play Store where you can install apps. If you don’t need all that, then you will save a lot on your TV and it is best to buy this CHiQ outdoor television.

However, the following apps are pre-programmed:

Netflix Exclusieve content in ultra-high definition
Amazon Prime Video Legion of videos plus exclusive articles and news
YouTube Realtime entertainment, news and video’s
NetRange Tailor-made apps for your region and needs
HDR10 Highly realistic images
Dolby Audio Highly realistic 3D surround sound experience

Connects via network and Bluetooth, Wireless entertainment anywhere, anytime

Via the wireless connection module, you connect to the Internet without any problems. With the Bluetooth option, you can easily connect a mouse, keyboard, speaker or Bluetooth headset to enjoy your music and games without limits.

Seeking to further improve picture quality, at CHiQ they have equipped the outdoor TV with HDR technology for decoding video images. The result is a lifelike display in HD that really makes you part of the action on the screen.


Philips 50PUS8505 – Ambilight

Philips 50PUS8505
  • Best 50 Inch TV of 2022
  • Most popular on
  • Best value for money
  • 4K resolution; 10 bit panel
  • Ambilight for added atmosphere
  • With 50 Hz refresh rate slower than the more expensive models in this 50-inch TV class

Do you want to go for a big screen and do you have room under your canopy or porch to watch TV outside? Then of course you choose the best 50 inch TV available right now. This outdoor Smart TV is perfect for outdoor use. It is a 50 inch outdoor smart TV with good picture quality that runs on Android software. This is already an advantage, because this Android TV operating system brings together live television, apps and the Internet clearly in 1 image. This outdoor TV screen ensures that you can always watch what you want when you are outside enjoying the nice weather. It is not a waterproof TV for outside, but it’s certainly a TV for under the roof / porch! If you want to watch TV outside in the evening when it’s dark, this Philips Smart TV for outside also has something extra that the others don’t: extra atmosphere with the Ambilight. This is something that makes this TV stand out as the best 50 inch TV for outdoor use, because the ambilight makes sure that you have that extra atmosphere in your home that the other TVs in this list don’t have. This outdoor TV is also very good value when compared to the others in this list. For less than 600 euros you have a TV in the garden of very good quality with extra atmosphere at the back, what more could you want!

In addition, this outdoor TV has a 4k resolution, actually the best in the affordable category that you can get in the market for an outdoor TV right now. In addition, the outdoor TV has a 10 bit panel. This allows you to view sharp and colorful images, whether you are watching the TV outside or inside. You don’t have to miss out on every detail that can be seen on TV and you can enjoy subtle tones in shadows or a blue sky for example. In this way you can really see that you have brought a quality TV into the garden.

The fact that we have a 4k TV here ensures that this is also among the best TV for watching outdoor soccer that you can buy in 2022. Watch the matches of your favorite club or the games of the Dutch team at a European or a World Cup in this razor sharp image nice and cozy in the garden! This has to do with the fact that it uses a P5 engine of Philips. Details while watching TV on this best outdoor television have noticeably more depth. Colors are vibrant and skin tones look natural. Contrast is so bright you can almost feel every detail. Motion is perfectly fluid.

In addition, with this Philips The One television you have a built-in Google Assistant, so you can easily control and do what you want via voice as well. For example, choose a different channel, switch on your PlayStation or switch to Netflix or YouTube whenever you want by talking to your TV. Very handy and fun to show your friends when you are sitting in the garden watching TV together.


Tips for an outdoor TV:

De TV voor buiten Koopgids
Which TV is suitable for outdoor use?

If you want to buy a TV for outdoors, you must take into account that sunlight can negatively affect the quality of the picture. This is why it is best to choose a QLED TV, where colors always remain clear and well visible, while this is less the case with an OLED TV. The Samsung QE55Q70T is made for outdoor use. It also has a powerful processor from Samsung and optimizes the picture quality and sound for ideal viewing conditions.

Can a TV be placed in the sun?

A TV can certainly be in the sun, but too long exposure to bright sun can damage the display. There are TVs that are perfectly suited to be in the sun, but then you’ll soon have to adjust your budget to around $4,000 minimum.

Can a TV withstand frost?

If you have hung your TV under a canopy that can hold heat well, then it is not a problem to hang a TV outside. However, if it gets too cold, then parts inside may rust if the moisture cannot evaporate. With more severe frosts, it’s better to bring your TV inside. After all, you’re not going to be cozy watching television outside at minus 10 anyway.

Which TV should I choose in high sunlight?

With QLED technology, the TV screen uses a backlight. This makes it easier to get everything properly dark on the screen. So, for example, if you have your TV outside where there is a lot of sunlight, the QLED television is a better solution than OLED, a technology that actually works better when you want to watch TV in the dark.

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