Best Inflatable hot tub with jets 2022

Looking for the best inflatable hot tub with jets of 2022? Check out the top 5 best inflatable hot tubs with jets here and immerse yourself in the luxurious world of inflatable hot tubs. They are immensely popular, especially the ones with the jets. Because of this, we have made a list of the best inflatable hot tubs with jets of 2022!
Best Buy Inflatable Hot Tub with Jets 2022: Top Rated Jetstream Deals

Intex – PureSpa Bubble Massage set

Intex PureSpa
  • Room for four adults
  • Massage heat function
  • Most popular inflatable hot tub at the moment
  • Manual for water quality monitoring is unclear
  • Engine makes some noise, but you can’t hear it when you’re in the hot tub

This is definitely the best inflatable hot tub with jets available on the market right now. Upon purchasing this product, we wanted nothing else in our yard! The jets that come with this inflatable jacuzzi are nothing short of amazing! Besides the fact that the hot tub is easy to set up and you can enjoy your jets in your inflatable jacuzzi in no time, it is also a hot tub of great quality.

Within 20 minutes your inflatable hot tub with jets is ready and you can start filling it with water. You don’t need any tools for this, which is handy of course. Filling the best inflatable hot tub with jets takes about an hour to an hour and a half before your best inflatable hot tub with jets is filled with water. Afterwards, you can start warming it up.

The advantage to this best hot tub with jets is that it has powerful bubbles all around and in addition, these are also great because of their temperature. This allows you to relax and enjoy your well deserved rest in this beautiful inflatable jacuzzi with jets. The jets are powerful. They are adjustable in speed and power, so you can adjust them to what you find important and where you feel comfortable.

The only downside to this hot tub with jets, is that it sometimes makes some noise. The engine can make a buzzing noise, but once you sit in the hot tub yourself you hardly notice it. This also makes this inflatable hot tub with jets one of our top products and therefore the best hot tub with jets of 2022. The sound of the bubbles is negligible when you are lying in your own bath outside enjoying the peace and warmth.

When you turn your inflatable hot tub engines off, the water loses 1 degree per hour when the temperature outside is less than 14 degrees. So this causes your water to go from 36 degrees to 28 degrees in 1 night. Keep this in mind if you want to lie in your hot tub the next day. If you keep the sail on and you wait 2 hours, you have your inflatable hot tub back at the right temperature.


Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe Octagon

Intex PureSpa Deluxe
  • Luxurious version of the PureSpa Bubble
  • Best Massage Jets on the market
  • Including the Ward Water System
  • More expensive than the PureSpa Bubble Massage set

If you really want to go all the way with an inflatable hot tub with jets, then choose this Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe Octagon. It’s actually the big brother to the best inflatable hot tub with jets 2022, which is the number one on this list, and therefore also a bit more expensive. This is due to the fact that the jacuzzi actually has a more advanced jet system than its little brother. It’s more advanced because it is an Intex spa that is the only one in the market that has two different features and also combines them, namely the wonderful bubbles and the powerful massage jets.

In this best inflatable hot tub, you should choose the powerful jet mode. These are four strong water jets on the side of your jacuzzi that provide a wonderful massaging feeling and flow along the body. The jets are of top quality so that you can enjoy your own hot tub in the garden or on the balcony.

You have also been supplied with a control panel. This is a remote control that allows you to wirelessly control the temperature of your inflatable hot tub with jets. In addition, you can also just set the number of degrees on the edge of your inflatable hot tub. You can choose a temperature between 20 degrees and 40 degrees. So there is something for everyone and you can enjoy your inflatable hot tub on the setting you find most comfortable. The water heats up about 2 degrees per hour, so you can calculate how much time you need to enjoy your inflatable hot tub with jets.

In addition, the inflatable jacuzzi is made of a solid construction. People always think that an inflatable hot tub is not solid, but the Intex PureSpa Deluxe proves otherwise! It is made of three layers of thick laminated PVC. This certainly makes it able to withstand a bump, which could happen from time to time. The inside of the walls are not only filled with air, but also with thousands of polyester fibers that run from one side of your inflatable hot tub to the other. This is called Fiber-Tech technology and is unique to an inflatable hot tub with jets in this price range.


Bestway Lay-Z Spa Hawaii Jets Hot Tub

Bestway Lay-Z
  • Cheapest in the market
  • Many good reviews on
  • Contains Freeze Shield, so can also be used in the winter
  • Higher in energy consumption than other inflatable hot tubs

An inflatable hot tub with jets that will blow you away! Perhaps a lesser known brand, but the best value inflatable hot tub on the market today. The jet functionality is just as good as with the Intex Hot Tubs, but this Lay-Z Spa is just a little cheaper and has other features, such as the Freeze Shield and the fact that you have no fewer than 8 massage jets that can create a total of 140 bubbles.

A nice plus to this inflatable hot tub is that it can be used 365 days a year. This is due to the use of the Freeze shield, which ensures that no parts of the hot tub freeze. It also ensures that the water does not get below 4 degrees, even if you have turned off the engine of the inflatable hot tub.

Another advantage of this extended Spa Hot Tub is that it provides 140 bubbles and 8 massage jets, 4 more than the deluxe version from Intex. With this, the Lay Z Spa Hawaii is equipped with all the essential accessories to enjoy your own zen moment in your garden or anywhere else. Relax with soothing bubbles and let your body be massaged by the 8 powerful massage jets.

In addition, for firmness and durability, this inflatable hot tub with jets is enhanced with a so-called Dura Beam construction. This ensures that both the inner and outer walls have good stability and can also withstand bumps. In addition, the outside of the inflatable hot tub is protected against UV radiation and they have designed a system that ensures that your inflatable hot tub could never leak, which of course is a waste of investment.

Finally, this best inflatable hot tub with jets provides a warming of about 2 degrees per hour, actually equal to all other inflatable jacuzzis in this 2022 best list. However, you have to keep in mind that using all the technologies does mean that your energy bill is going to be just a little bit higher than with an Intex Deluxe inflatable jet stream hot tub.


Bestway Lay-Z Maldives Hydrojet Pro

BestWay Lay-Z Maldives Hydrojet Pro
  • 8 Massage jets and 180 bubbles!
  • Suitable for up to 7 people
  • With lighting and seats
  • Freeze shield protection
  • Higher in energy consumption than other inflatable hot tubs
  • Because of the size, it takes a little longer for the water to heat up

An upgrade to the Hawaii version of Lay-Z, but not just any one! It’s the Maldives Lay-Z inflatable hot tub with jets and perhaps the very best one on the market. Why this one isn’t ranked #1? Mainly because of the price and energy consumption. Other than that, it is by far the best inflatable hot tub with jets of 2022 and we don’t doubt that for a second!

With 8 massage jets, it is just as good as its little brother Hawaii, but otherwise this hot tub also provides 180 bubbles. In addition, there is room for 5 to 7 people in this hot tub, so you can invite all your friends to have a party together in your hot tub with jets. The fact that the hot tub is equipped with both bubbles and massage jets ensures that you can expect a wonderful massage when you take a seat in this glorious hot tub.

With such a good inflatable hot tub, you should expect things like a spa filter, chlorine float, repair kit and reinforced spa cover. However, this Maldives hot tub offers much more! It comes with 2 LED lights and inflatable seating, making the ideal spa experience even greater.

Another nice advantage of this jacuzzi, is that you also use the Freeze shield technology here. This allows you to use your hot tub 365 days a year and you can be sure that nothing will freeze. The Freeze shield keeps a close eye on all parts and prevents parts from freezing. It also ensures that the water does not get below 4 degrees, even if you have turned off the engine of the inflatable hot tub.


Advice concerning an inflatable hot tub

The Inflatable Hot Tub Buying Guide
Why does my hot tub need jets?

Every hot tub provides bubbles, but nothing beats having the ultimate massage experience when you immerse yourself in your warm inflatable hot tub. Jets use a special technology that allows you to give yourself a well-deserved massage while enjoying the warmth in your hot tub. This provides a soothing feeling and actually completes your hot tub experience. If you really want to go for luxury, a hot tub is nothing without jets!

Can the inflatable hot tub be left outside all year long?

Yes, you certainly can! In fact, several of the inflatable hot tubs in the list above are geared to give you the same experience in your inflatable hot tub year-round as well. For example, you have the Lay-Z hot tub, which uses a Freeze Shield to protect all your parts from cold. This way, even in the winter when it’s very freezing outside, you can just use your hot tub with jets and enjoy yourself.

How much energy does an inflatable hot tub use?

Let’s start with the fact that an inflatable hot tub uses much less energy than a regular hot tub. This is because the air in the side can retain the heat much better and therefore the heater in your hot tub does not have to work as hard. However, you must take into account that it will cost you about 1.50 euros per day to keep the jacuzzi on temperature. You can of course save money by making sure you always cover your jacuzzi with the included cover. Weather conditions are in fact the biggest variable factor in the height of the energy consumption of an inflatable hot tub.

How often should you change the water in an inflatable hot tub?

Normally – if you maintain your water properly – you can leave your hot tub for 3 months with the same bubble bath water. However, only if you use good filtration. If you don’t do this, you will have to change the water every week.

How often should you test the water from your inflatable hot tub?

It is advisable to test the water for quality once a week. You can do this by using a test strip. You can then see if a chemical cleaning is necessary before use. We recommend keeping the pH between 7.2 and 7.8. Total alkalinity should be kept between 80 and 120 ppm and chlorine should be kept between 3 and 5 ppm.

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