Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 2022

Looking for an industrial vacuum cleaner? Take a look at the best tested industrial vacuum cleaners available on the market today. A industrial vacuum cleaner is known for its versatility and you are going to make use of that when you are going to buy one of these industrial vacuum cleaners. We have tested the best ones on the market and compiled a top 5 industrial vacuum cleaners for you.
best industrial vacuum cleaner 2022

To keep your construction site neat or clean, you need to get an industrial vacuum cleaner. It is also called an industrial hoover. In addition, one also speaks of a wet-dry vacuum cleaner or an all-purpose vacuum cleaner. With that, the word says it all, you can suck up everything with it so it is suitable for everything!

The industrial vacuum cleaner is more robust than a regular vacuum cleaner, and in addition it has a large volume to suck up everything. You can sometimes use industrial vacuum cleaner bags of as much as 35kg in total. In addition, the hose and nozzle are a bit stronger, and the suction power is also a lot faster.

For example, should you want to vacuum a room where there is a lot of wood chips, sawdust, stone dust or concrete dust, then you are looking for an industrial vacuum cleaner. The best industrial vacuums will make sure that this dirt goes in without any problems and that you can quickly and easily do your job of cleaning everything.

Finally, there are industrial vacuum cleaners that can also suck up liquids. Here we are talking about moisture, dust, mortar residue and other dirt. So think about what you want to use the vacuum cleaner for and then decide whether it should be a regular vacuum cleaner or an industrial vacuum cleaner.


Karcher WD 6 Premium ME PT


The Karcher WD 6 Premium ME PT is the best industrial vacuum cleaner of its kind. It is the ideal best industrial vacuum cleaner for all your coarse, fine, wet or dry dirt. With a built-in filter cleaning function, the vacuum cleaner ensures that the suction power is always maintained, even if you have been vacuuming for some time. In addition, this construction vacuum cleaner also includes a separate drawer, where you can store your tools. What many people don’t know about an industrial vacuum cleaner is that it can also blow. For example, you can make sure that some corners – where you can’t reach them – can be made dust-free and then you can suck them up again with the ultimate suction power. So you can also use this vacuum cleaner to remove leaves from your driveway or gravel path, so it’s a multifunctional industrial vacuum cleaner. This cleaning device is both good for in the house, outside the house, in the car or in the office! For any cleaning task, the Karcher All-purpose vacuum cleaner WD 6 Premium ME PT is indispensable.

Use the carrying handle of this device to move the all-purpose vacuum. You can even reduce it, so you can get to some difficult places more easily. The only downside to this best industrial vacuum cleaner, is that it is fairly heavy. If you cannot lift that much, then the 9.4 kg industrial vacuum cleaner might be a bit too heavy to work with. Then again, the advantage is that the industrial vacuum cleaner has a drain screw to easily drain the dirty water from the reservoir.

When buying this Karcher all-purpose vacuum cleaner, you get a floor nozzle, flat filter, fleece filter bag and of course the vacuum itself included in one package. Despite its size, this industrial vacuum cleaner is also great to use indoors. In fact, when used at home, no dust bag is needed and you can just vacuum easily whenever you want!


Nilfisk Buddy 12 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


Looking for an industrial vacuum cleaner that’s a little cheaper? Then choose the Nilfisk Buddy 12! This is an industrial vacuum cleaner that is suitable for everything indoors and around it. Mind you, we are talking about a basic model here, but for day-to-day use it is a fine all-purpose vacuum cleaner though!

The industrial vacuum cleaner sucks up both wet and dry dirt. In addition, this best all-purpose vacuum cleaner also has a blowing function, so you can easily reach hard-to-reach spots and then use the suction function to remove everything. Unlike the heavy Karcher WD 6 Premium ME PT, this vacuum cleaner is only 4.4 pounds in weight. As a result, you can easily move it anywhere and even the least strong people can easily handle a Nilfisk Buddy 12 industrial vacuum cleaner.

The only drawback of this vacuum cleaner, is that it has a fairly short cord. It only has a length of 4 meters, so you will probably have to unplug the cord often to plug it in somewhere else. On the other hand, the powerful motor ensures that you could actually use this industrial vacuum cleaner anywhere inside and outside the house. In addition, it has no problems with wet and dry dirt. In no time at all, it will suck up a puddle of water, which would not be possible with a normal vacuum cleaner. In addition, you can say goodbye to dog and cat hair that spreads throughout the house. This industrial vacuum cleaner knows what to do and therefore helps you with all vacuuming tasks.

When ordering this industrial vacuum cleaner, you get a floor nozzle, wet/dry filter, small attachments and a dust bag included.


Karcher WD 3 Premium


No matter what job you need a vacuum cleaner for, the Karcher WD 3 should really be in everyone’s living room. It’s a handy device that helps you with dirt you’d rather not suck up with the usual home vacuum, such as dirt from sanding or grinding jobs. As opposed to the Karcher WD 6, this one has a power output of 1000 watts. This ensures that you can vacuum a little less powerfully, but for dust or small stone debris, it is fine to use. Also keep in mind that this one can only vacuum 17kg, almost half of the Karcher WD 6 Premium. It is therefore important to determine what you need an industrial vacuum cleaner for. This then determines what strength you need to vacuum with and what size of vacuum cleaner you need.

In addition, this device is suitable for vacuuming water. The Karcher WD 3 Premium has a special liquid reservoir for liquids of no less than 17 liters. This means that you can just vacuum a large part easily and thus this can also be called a hydrogen vacuum cleaner. In addition, this best all-purpose vacuum cleaner also has a blowing function, so you can easily reach hard-to-reach spots and then use the suction function to remove everything. Unlike the heavy Karcher WD 6 Premium ME PT, this vacuum cleaner is only 5.5 kilos in weight. So with this, you can use a blowing function to, for example, remove leaves in the garden and blow them together. With a power of 1000 watts, it is again slightly less powerful than the Nilfisk Buddy 12 and also a lot less in power than the Karcher WD 6. So it depends on what you want to use the industrial vacuum cleaner for, would you choose this one.


Bosch AdvancedCac 20


In a list of best industrial vacuum cleaners, a product from Bosch should of course not be missing. This AdvancedCad 20 is one of the best all-purpose vacuum cleaners at the moment, which is why it should definitely be at 4 in our top 5 best industrial vacuums. Keep your workplace clean with this Bosch industrial vacuum cleaner. It has – like the top 3 – a blowing function, allowing you to blow unwanted garden waste from your yard. The beauty of this system, is that you can connect it to your electronic tools. This means that it will automatically turn on and off as soon as your drill or jackhammer is turned on or off. Handy right!?

You also don’t have to worry about fluids while vacuuming. Thanks to the drain valve you can easily dispose of the sucked water. You can also use the antistatic hose, which ensures that static is reduced to a minimum. This allows you to enjoy shock-free vacuuming with this construction vacuum cleaner. If you want to know what attachments or accessories are included, keep reading.

When ordering the Bosch AdvancedCac 20, you get a universal adapter, crevice tool, flexible anti-static wand, universal squeegee, extension tubes, handle, paper filter bag and a harmonica filter included. Say goodbye to your simple home vacuum and use this industrial vacuum cleaner at your home! Now you never have to worry about not being able to vacuum everything or your little vacuum breaking as you use it when cleaning up your Saturday chores in the shed.


Metabo ASR 35 M SC Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


Are you going for the really powerful industrial hoover? Then you’d better choose a real industrial vacuum cleaner that should mainly be used industrially. There is little that this all-purpose vacuum cleaner does not know how to suck up. It is certified to suck up M-class dust. This means that – in addition to the usual waste – it can also vacuum up quartz-containing materials. We are talking about an industrial vacuum cleaner for sand, gravel or as much as 50 liters of dust or liquids. You can therefore work for a long time with tools that can be connected to the Metabo ASR 50 M SC. In addition, you can count on using a vacuum cleaner with semi-automatic filter cleaning and automatic switch-on of your tools and follow-up automatic system for completely emptying the suction hose. As a result, you can be sure that you have got the best industrial vacuum cleaner in the house, top notch!

The only problem this Metabo ASR has is that it does not have an adjustable suction meter. As a result, the construction vacuum cleaner always sucks with the same force and you might have to be careful sometimes with surfaces you don’t want to damage.

In addition, the price of this all-purpose vacuum may still be a factor to keep in mind. Know that you have a hydrogen vacuum cleaner, all-purpose vacuum cleaner, construction vacuum cleaner and industrial vacuum cleaner in one, but for less than 600 euros you will not have this in your broom closet.


Difference between industrial vacuum cleaner and all-purpose vacuum cleaner

Difference between industrial vacuum cleaner and all-purpose vacuum cleaner

To avoid any further confusion between an industrial vacuum cleaner and an all-purpose vacuum cleaner, here is a little more information. Actually, both terms mean the same thing, but the term all-purpose vacuum cleaner is mainly used for a do-it-yourself version of the industrial vacuum cleaner. Sucking up everything should of course not be taken quite literally, but cleaning up both wet and dry dirt, which you should not use a normal vacuum cleaner for. An industrial vacuum cleaner – the name says it all – is mainly used in construction or in industry. Therefore, the devices are somewhat robustly built and have a greater capacity to suck up even the somewhat less natural substances.

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