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Looking for the best gaming router on the market? Then you have come to the right place! We have tested various gaming routers and came to the conclusion of the best gaming router of 2022 at this moment. We have put together a top 5 of the best gaming routers and show you the pros and cons of the various brands.
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Despite the fact that you would think that providers like KPN and Ziggo determine how fast your internet is, in reality this is not the case. The speed of your gaming performance is determined by the quality of your router. Internet packages run through your router to your computer or PS4. A router has to do a lot of thinking when playing heavy games and this in turn can cause lagginess. You don’t want this, so you need to make sure your router can handle the internet speeds that are promised to you by your internet provider.


Asus RT-AC88u gaming router

Asus RT-AC88u gaming router

You can be sure that you can play all your games when you choose the Asus RT-AC88u. Among other things, you can stream in 4K with it, but also enjoy online gaming. So it really is a gaming router that is currently the most popular one in 2022. With this router you can surf the Internet or play games anywhere in the house without any hiccups. Besides this being a gaming router, you can also provide good internet for your gaming PC, 4K TV, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other possible wifi devices with this.

With a wifi speed of a whopping 2167 MB per second (MBps), the router is faster than similar routers in this market. This also makes this a perfect game router PS4 or for any other device.

In addition, this Asus RT-AC88u has no less than 8 network ports. This means that on average you have 3 more than any other device here on the market. You also make use of AiMesh with this best gaming router. This offers you the possibility to set up a multiroom wifi network if you are going to connect multiple Asus routers together.

The Asus router is easy and quick to install and connect to your actual internet cables. You use simultaneous dual-band and it has the Wi-Fi standards Wireless AX, Wireless G and Wireless N. Just keep in mind that your devices support a 5 GHz, otherwise the high speeds that this gaming router can offer cannot be achieved.


TP-link Archer AX50 gaming router

Just like the Asus RT-AC88u, this TP-link gaming router also has a high speed of no less than 2402 MBps. Everywhere in the house you can enjoy perfect internet speeds with this device and this is a perfect solution especially for your gaming router! If you are looking for a PS4 gaming router, then you should definitely choose this one. Also, for a PC gaming router, where you want to play games like World of Warcraft for example, you should definitely have a router with top speeds. This TP-link Archer is one that belongs in that line.

TP-Link provides something innovative, which is that you can easily set up your router via your smartphone or your tablet. In addition, the gaming router has a virus scanner, which helps protect against unwanted intruders. In addition, consider the fact that you have a WIFI 6 and therefore you can also enjoy faster connections and higher quality and capacity.

If we talk about a good processor, then you have come to the right place with the TP-link Acher. This is because it is a dual core processor that ensures that you could perform some heavy tasks at the same time. For example, should you live stream your image and also want to game directly, then you obviously need a fast internet connection for 2 devices!


Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 gaming router

Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 gaming router

Netgear, a well-known brand when it comes to connectivity devices and gaming routers, has released this Nighthawk. It is a gaming router for your PS4 or PC that definitely belongs in this list. It has a Quad-stream technology that supports 4 data streams per wifi band. This allows you to run media streams side by side without them starting to lag. In addition, this gaming route also has a Multi-user MIMO wifi antenna. As with the TP-link Acher, this ensures that each device connected to this gaming router is assigned the same maximum speed. So you will never have a slower internet connection when all your friends are gaming together at 1 place.

In addition, of course, the processor is important in this Netgear gaming router. The Nighthawk uses a dual core processor, or in other words a router that could handle multiple heavy tasks at the same time.


ASrock G10 AC2600 gaming router

ASrock G10 AC2600 gaming router

Perhaps a product that sells less on the market, but definitely belongs in the top 5 best tested gaming routers: the ASrock G10 AC2600. It is a router that has a special design, but the best and most distinctive thing about this router compared to those of its competitors: it has internal antennas instead of external antennas. It offers a speed of 2.53GB per second, faster than those of its competitors. In addition, it meets IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ ac requirements and is ideal for homes where large amounts of network traffic are needed. The beauty of this gaming router, is that you can control your devices remotely through this system. With this, you can also access storage devices connected to this router.

Looking at the highest speeds available on the market at the moment, we are talking about the ASrock. With a whopping 2530 MB per second, it is the fastest of its kind, so you can provide all the devices you have for gaming with fast and good internet without hiccups. It also has 8 high-quality antennas, just like the Asus RT-AC88u. The Dynamic Gaming Boost QoS bandwidth priority is set per application. In addition, you make use of a 1.4 GHx powerful dual-core processor. Also, you don’t have to mess with a Zero Configuration NAS and it has a self-healing automatic restart, so you really have very little to do yourself.


TP-Link Archer C5400X

Finally, we introduce the TP-Link Archer in the list, the C5400X. It is a fairly unique gaming router that I ordered in red with 8 huge antennas on the sides. It has a 1.8 GHz dual core processor that can provide the router with the heavy tasks that are important to get the highest performance with your gaming router for your PS4 or your PC. In addition, it has a Smart Connection feature, which ensures that all your devices get the fastest frequency that is important for gaming on the weekends or during the week.

Unlike its competitors, this gaming router has 3 separate wifi bands. This means you actually always have a stable wifi network for all your devices.

We do have to say that this TP-Link Archer C5400X is a router that is a bit more expensive than its other competitors in this market. If you have a bit more to spend, then we would opt for this one.


Gaming router PS4

Gaming router voor PS4

A true gaming router for your PS4, that’s how this router is also considered. For games like Call of Duty or racing games where you use a simulator, it is of great importance that you have fast internet speeds. Even if you are the host of one of your games where all your friends are playing, it is obviously important that you are the one without lag. With the PlayStation gaming router from Netgear, you won’t experience any lag at all, even if you’re downstairs or upstairs or you’re on a WiFi connection or any other type of connection!

Gaming router game PC

Whether you’re going to buy a gaming router for your PlayStation 4 or for your PC doesn’t make much difference in essence. It still comes down to two important components: the processor and the antennas. The processor ensures that you have good speeds and the antennas should ensure that the whole house has internet and that the walls are not going to be a spoilsport during the night gaming of you and your mates.

What is a good gaming router?

Below you can see the requirements that a good gaming router should meet. In the end, the primary goal is to make sure you can play your games as well as possible and without worries. A gaming router is just like any other router, but because games sometimes eat up a lot of MB’s it is important that you have a router that can handle this and can provide the supply of MB’s. For this you need:

  • Powerful antennas: Although you can have a good processor, it is also important that the antennas reach far enough. Walls and other obstacles can cause your connection to deteriorate. A powerful router with a lot of transmission power is fortunately not going to suffer from this.
  • Fast processor: As just mentioned, it is important that your router can handle the required performance of your console. It has to work hard to handle your games and this requires a fast processor.
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