Best egg white powder 2022

Looking for the best egg white powder of 2022? Check out the top 5 best egg white powder products currently available on the market. We have tested the protein powders on their taste, price, protein percentage and analyzed hundreds of reviews to come to a good top 5. Check out the best protein powders on the market today and make the right choice!
best buy egg white powders 2022

Body & Fit Whey Perfection

Body & Fit Whey
  • Most popular protein powder of 2022
  • Natural sweeteners and flavors
  • Delicious taste
  • Not all flavors dissolve equally well

As the most popular egg white shake in Europe, the Whey Perfection is of course the best egg white powder of 2022 in this list. The vast majority of the Netherlands uses this best protein powder available at Body & Fit. It has a customer rating of no less than 9.3 out of 10 and contains per serving no less than 23 grams of high-quality Whey Protein, 3.6 grams of glutamine and no less than 5 grams of BCAAs. Everything you need after your workout. It has a unique composition, better than any other protein powder!

In addition, of course, the taste of your Whey Protein best egg white powder is also important. They have many different types of flavors for everyone to enjoy. It contains purely the highest quality whey proteins possible, namely the “cold processed” proteins. These are ultra filtered whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and whey hydrolysate, di- and tri peptides.

Not unimportant with this best egg white powder is that it is free of added sugars and contains only 1.4 grams of carbohydrates and 110 kilocalories per shake. This ensures that you have the ideal dose for your workout that fits into your nutrition and sports schedule to get the best possible result. Add to that the fact that you can choose from no less than 36 different flavors and you have the best egg white powder 2022 available.

Not only at Body & Fit, but throughout Europe this egg white powder is regarded as the best protein powder currently available. This is due to the purest and undenatured whey protein from Europe’s most popular protein producer. So you get your products from the most popular source of protein powders and therefore you know for sure that you get a good product. For the perfectionists among us: the production process via membrane filtration technology at low temperature ensures that the natural structure of the proteins is fully preserved. This actually means that in this best protein powder the proteins have a maximum effect. Actually, every milligram of Whey Perfection can be used and that is what makes this egg white powder effective.

If we look at the price, you are not in the highest price category with this best egg white powder. Despite that, it is a protein shake that belongs to the top quality shakes. Whey hydrolysate contains whey peptides, which have very good absorbable shorter chains of amino acids. These are then directly absorbed so you also have direct results. Whey isolate is the protein with the highest protein content and is therefore considered to be the highest quality form of whey protein. This ultimately ensures that you get the quality you deserve, namely the Whey Protection best egg white powder.

The great thing about this shake, is that you can choose your favorite flavor. If you like the taste of chocolate protein, then choose that! If you are more of a classic strawberry lover, then you can buy the best strawberry protein powder from Whey Perfection. You train a lot, so give your muscles the protein shakes they deserve and choose Whey Perfection!


Orangefit Plant-based

  • Plant protein vegan-friendly
  • Available in various flavors
  • No lumps, creamy shake
  • Proportionally not a cheap shake

For the vegans among us, we have the Orangefit Protein egg white powder. This best egg white powder of 2022 is 100% natural and also has a nice natural flavor. This means that you do not have to worry about artificial substances. In addition, the packaging of the Orangefit Protein egg white powder looks nice and personal and the quality of the powder is also great! The only downside: it comes with a higher price tag than the other egg white powders on this list!

Orangefit Protein is a complete egg white powder with all the amino acids you need before, during or after your workout. This plant-based protein is vegan-friendly and made with ingredients that are good for you, just like the others in this list. The yellow split pea is the star of this delicious and sustainable protein shake. The fact that the shakes are animal friendly does not go unnoticed. In addition, they don’t do fillers and artificial sweeteners. You also have a choice of five flavors, sweetened with fruit and stevia.

Why you should choose Orangefit egg white powder? Proteins are among the most important building blocks in your body. In fact, all organs, muscles, skin and hair are made of them. It doesn’t matter whether you are an athlete, work out a lot at the gym or just have an office job: you need sufficient protein every day. For the production of muscles, energy, but also for muscle recovery and other important daily tasks. With our Orangefit Protein you can be sure that you get enough protein every day.

You can take this best egg white powder before, during and after your workout. It is a tasty shake and also one that will immediately make your body react positively to the intake of all the ingredients needed to provide your body with the right amounts.


Nutri Dynamics Diet Pro

Nutri Dynamics
  • Cheapest on the market
  • Many good reviews on
  • Almost no sugar and carbohydrates
  • Relatively watery

Nutri-Dynamics Diet Pro is also definitely among the best egg white shakes available in the market. This best protein powder consists of a unique formula that contains only 79 kcal per shake. It is therefore called the most carbohydrate-free, fat-free and sugar-free protein shake currently on sale in 2022. It is a protein powder made on the basis of Micellar Casein protein and L-carnitine. It is a unique egg white shake of which very few can be found. In addition, this Diet Pro contains a mix of different vitamins and minerals, including vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. Also, Diet Pro contains green tea extract, the substance L-carnitine and VitaCholine™, made with natural tartaric acid. With these unique features we can say that Diet Pro is a fine protein shake. It is obvious that Diet Pro has been the best selling diet product in drugstores and health food stores for years in a row, despite the fact that online we are mainly dealing with Whey Perfection!

As with the other egg white powders, we see that there are different types of flavors. The Diet Pro also has different flavors, namely strawberry, banana, cappuccino, caramel, chocolate, cherry, coconut, mango and vanilla.

Unlike other shakes, with Diet Pro it is recommended to take 2 shakes in a day. With Diet Pro you take 1 shake in the morning and 1 shake in the afternoon combined with healthy snacks & dinner. This ensures that you have enough satiety during the day and you don’t reach for snacks that are bad for your diet. You continue to eat throughout the day and the evening meal is not skipped. This makes Diet Pro easy to use in a busy family life.


XXL Nutrition Night Protein

Nutrition Night
  • Pure micellar casein
  • 88% pure protein, highest achievable percentage
  • Without flavors and sweeteners
  • Cheapest bulk pack in the list
  • Vanilla flavor is too sweet

Also in this list of best egg white powders, the Night Protein cannot be missed. This XXL container will provide you with 2kg of Night Protein, more than enough to give you a daily protein powder boost for the coming weeks. The Night Protein is one of the best egg white powders currently available, mainly because it consists of no less than 88% pure protein. This is almost the highest protein percentage you can get in a powder and it’s therefore extremely effective when you take it. Opt for this best egg white powder and make the best choice to give your body the best it deserves!

Because of this, this protein powder contains virtually no fat and carbohydrates. In addition, this is also pure egg white powder. This means that there are no additions of flavorings and sweeteners. However, you do not have to worry that the protein powder is tasteless, since you will taste the flavor of the natural ingredients. In fact, most people also add fruit to their shake, so you will naturally get the flavor in your shake.

Night Protein from XXL Nutrition contains pure micellar casein. This means that there are no other bulking agents or protein types, but purely and simply casein protein. Casein protein’s main characteristic is that it is very absorbable during the night. Therefore, it is recommended to take this best egg white powder in the evening. With a protein content of 88%, you can supply your muscles with protein during the night. This protein powder is also available in 9 different flavors.


Tips for egg white powder:

The Protein Powder Buying Guide
How many protein shakes per day?

This depends entirely on your maximum protein requirement per day. Average individuals need about 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. However, athletes need about 1.3 to 1.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. This is because they experience workouts that require protein to allow the muscles to recover.

Average people only take 1 protein shake a day when they exercise, because they already get enough protein with their normal diet. Athletes sometimes go up to 2 shakes a day, because they need to consume more protein than their regular diet can provide.

What is the best protein powder?

As the most popular egg white shake in Europe, the Whey Perfection is of course the best protein powder of 2022 in this list. The vast majority of the Netherlands uses this best egg white powder available at Body & Fit.

How long can you store a protein shake?

On average you can store a protein shake for up to 4 or 6 hours. The only requirement is that it is kept in a cool place, such as the refrigerator.

Why a protein shake after exercise?

Protein shakes are an efficient way to increase your daily protein intake and meet your daily target. If you exercise intensively, your body needs more protein than on days when you are not exercising. For this reason it is wise – if you can’t get it with regular food – to take protein shakes which ensure you get enough protein.

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