Best Darts Boards 2022

Darts boards come in different brands, types of wiring and even different in (bright) colors. As a result, we have tested dozens of dartboards and made a list of the best darts boards of 2022 for you. Check out the top 5 darts boards of this year with different brands like Winmau, Unicorn and Nodor.
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Winmau Blade 5 Darts Board

Winmau Blade 5
  • Very attractive price
  • Most used darts board in the Netherlands, also in pubs
  • Low probability of bouncers
  • Easy to hang
  • Does not work well with grip points

The most popular dartboard at the moment: the Winmau Blade 5! It is the newest darts board from Winmau and also a good choice to order as the best darts board of 2021. It is a board of very high quality sisal and is equipped with the “Fifth Generation Wiring Technology”. In other words, this technology ensures that you throw less bouncers than before. It is therefore the best darts board on the market at the moment and in terms of price, it’s also quite interesting. Winmau is known for having quality products for a good price, which makes this the best darts board of 2022. In most places and pubs in the Netherlands – but also in living rooms and attics – you will see this Winmau Blade 5 dartboard. The competition board is price-wise very interesting to use as a dartboard at home. If you want to practice for matches in the pubs, then it is best to order a Winmau dartboard.

The Rota Lock system makes it easy to hang your best darts board of 2022, even for the least experienced handymen! I can barely change a light bulb, but I easily managed to hang this board in the shed at the right height. In addition, you can easily rotate the board, so each time you throw on a different segment of the board on the 20. This way your board will last extra long if you are a frequent player.


Unicorn Eclipse HD2 PRO

Unicorn Eclipse
  • Official board of all TV tournaments
  • Beautiful design board that appears seamless
  • Reliable lock system to hang the board
  • Relatively pricey board

The Unicorn Eclipse HD2 PRO dartboard is used in almost every television tournament. Therefore this also makes it a popular board that is also used by the famous dart players and it belongs to the list of the best 5 dartboards that are currently on the market. Unicorn has been a well-established brand in the darts world for years and has been making beautiful, quality boards for top darters and amateur darters for years. At all major tournaments in the PDV, Unicorn dartboards have been thrown since the end of 2017, and of course this is not without a reason!

Part of the reason for using these darts boards is the color composition. This is because the colors are a bit brighter and lighter, making this more noticeable to television viewers. In addition, the board is made from 1 sisal sheet, so there are actually hardly any seams to be seen. This provides a beautiful design of the board and it’s thus the favorite board for many darts enthusiasts when it comes to design.

You don’t have to worry about safety either, because the Unicorn Eclipse HD2 PRO dartboard comes with a ‘lock’ system. This ensures that the dartboard can be firmly attached to the wall and therefore cannot rotate. The African sisal that is used for this board makes sure that the holes – that appear in the board when you throw – disappear quickly after you have taken the arrow out of the board. This makes this board one of the best top darts boards of 2022.


One80 Gladiator 3 Darts Board

One80 Gladiator 3
  • Official brand of BDO
  • Lasts longer than an average dartboard
  • Silver digit ring
  • Especially suitable for advanced darters
  • Used less frequently during tournaments in the Netherlands

For professional darters, we would recommend the One80 Gladiator. It is the Gladiator 3 that is currently the best dartboard in the market that One80 has to offer. The wiring is neatly finished and located inside the dartboard so that your chances of bouncers are minimized. The difference between this dartboard and other boards from Winmau for example, is that this is a more firm board. This ensures that the board lasts longer than an average dartboard.

The dartboard is finished with a silver number ring, which makes the board look even sleeker in design than the other boards on the market. One80 gladiator darts boards are currently one of the best darts boards available. The dartboard will last a very long time and is perfectly finished to the last detail.

At the Lakeside Championships of the BDO, these boards have been used for years. If you are a fan of the BDO, then this board cannot be missing in your living room! The board comes with a standard board mounting system, which is comparable to that of the Unicorn or Winmau dartboards. All this ensures that this board belongs to the best dartboards of 2022.


Nodor Supamatch 3 Darts Board

Nodor Supamatch 3
  • Most popular dartboard in the US
  • Relatively inexpensive with the same quality as the Winmau Blade 5 dartboard
  • Thin wiring, making scoring areas larger
  • Used less frequently during tournaments in the Netherlands

Perhaps a lesser known board in the Netherlands, but this board definitely belongs to the best dartboards of 2021. This dartboard is from Nodor and in America it is the most popular board at the moment. The board is used there at several major tournaments. Since 1932 the Nodor factory has been making high quality sisal dartboards. They are the inventor of the bristle dartboard. The dartboard is equipped with an extra thin wiring so the score areas are larger. This dartboard meets the official, worldwide competition requirements. Made of top quality sisal from East Africa.

We tested this board & despite not being as popular as the Winmau dartboard or the boards from Unicorn, this board is definitely among the best dartboards of 2022. The quality is almost the same & the price is even cheaper than the Unicorn boards. The downside is that professional darters like to always throw on the same board. Because this board is hardly used in the Netherlands, you will use a different board at home than in pubs and cafes.


Advice for buying darts boards

Kooptips dartborden

To know exactly which dartboard to buy, here are several tips. This is because it depends entirely on which arrows you have, what your darts level is and what amount of money you have to spend.

Which dartboard material is the best?

The most popular material is sisal. Most famous boards are made of sisal, which makes it the best choice. Both the PDC and BDO, as well as pubs around the corner, use boards made from sisal.

What should I look for in wiring?

With dartboards, the price difference is mainly in the wiring that is used. This is the iron wire that separates the scoring surfaces. On the somewhat cheaper dartboards, the wiring design is round and laid on the board, securing it with staples. However, on the more expensive dartboards, Blade Wire is used. This is ultra-thin wiring and ensures that you will be able to expect fewer bouncers. In addition, the staples are unnecessary and it is pressed directly into the sisal. These boards are also slightly more expensive.

What is a good price for a dartboard?

For beginners, we would advise to buy a board that is not more expensive than 40 euros. For the professional darters who want to spend a little bit more, we would recommend to look at boards like the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core or the Unicorn Eclipse HD2. Both boards are used in official competitions and have ultra-thin wiring, so you should expect fewer bouncers.

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