Best Coffee Beans 2022

Looking for the best coffee beans 2022, but can't not finding the perfect ones online? No worries! We've created a top 5 list of the best coffee beans of 2022, based on weeks of reviewing the world's greatest and most famous coffee beans from the best and most popular brands!
best coffee beans 2022

Douwe Egberts Excellent

Excellent Douwe Egberts
  • Most popular espresso beans
  • Suitable for coffee, espresso and cappuccino
  • 100% Arabica blend beans
  • Relatively expensive

The best coffee beans of 2022 are without a doubt those of Douwe Egberts. This Dutch brand is known worldwide and is therefore the most popular coffee brand in the Netherlands. These Excellent coffee beans are, in our opinion, also suitable for your fully automatic coffee bean machine and therefore, we name it the best in the test. Quality coffee beans are important for the optimal use of a coffee machine and this Douwe Egberts Excellent already says enough with the name. These coffee beans are no less than 100% Arabica blend beans. This means that they are Arabica beans, which are the most popular around the world and contain great flavor. They are mildly roasted beans, with fruity and floral accents that capture the imagination.

These beans are suitable for all types of coffee, including Lungo, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato. These espresso beans have a flavor intensity of 5 on a scale of 10. They are medium roasted coffee beans, a flavor that is actually most consumed in the Netherlands and therefore the most popular flavor in this country.

The package from consists of 4 packs of 500 grams. With 2 kilos of coffee beans you can go ahead for a while. If we look at the reviews of this product, we see various reactions:

“Already tried so many varieties. I personally think this one is one of my favorites. I always come back to it.”

“After trying several varieties of coffee beans this one came out as the best ones. Delicious coffee. Highly recommended.”

“Smells blissful and tastes soft and full. Tip : don’t use tap water (unless filtered). I am happy with it!”

“Super delicious coffee beans. Always looking forward to my cup.”

“The coffee beans are good but depending on the strength of the coffee, it takes some trial and error to find the ideal ratio of coffee beans and water. I bought this in combination with an AEG coffee bean machine. For 4 cups I use 8 cups of water and 4 cups of beans. Also the aroma of the coffee beans is on the lowest setting. It took some searching but for us this is the ideal “strength” of coffee. But this is everyone’s personal taste, of course”.

However, with this Douwe Egberts coffee we have to take into account the price. Despite the fact that we consider this coffee to be “the best coffee beans of 2022”, you pay considerably more for 4 packs of Douwe Egberts Excellent than for instance the Aroma Red Coffee Beans of the same brand. However, it is worth the price if we may believe the reactions and reviews. We are big fans of this coffee and therefore have put it on the first place in this top 5 best coffee beans of 2022.


L’OR Espresso Forza Koffiebonen

  • Very popular brand
  • 100% Arabica coffee from high quality coffee beans
  • Perfect for fully automatic coffee machines
  • Relatively pricey

L’OR espresso also definitely belongs in this list of best coffee beans of 2022. For years this has been one of the best coffee brands on the market. It is a coffee brand that knows how to spoil your senses. So let yourself be seduced by the delicious taste of the L’OR Espresso Forza. These best coffee beans of 2022 are not called Forza for nothing: they provide a powerful taste if you drink coffee in the morning, afternoon or evening. You can really taste the difference between this A-brand and the lesser-known brands from the supermarkets. The robust Forza is a blended espresso with a well-built complexity of intense and robust flavors, enriched with amber tones.

The advantage of these Forza coffee beans is that they are deeply dark roasted. This means that these best coffee beans of 2022 are made of a special blend and a full, enticing flavor. For example, you can find flavors of oak, wine and tones of spice and chocolate in L’OR’s coffee beans. This flavor combination makes these beans from L’OR belong to the best coffee beans of 2022.

If we look at the coffee machines that these beans go best with, they are the fully automatic coffee machines. However, the best coffee beans are also suitable for other brewing methods. In addition, we are talking about 100% Arabica coffee from high quality coffee beans.


Lavazza Qualita Oro Coffee Beans 

  • Intense flavors with floral notes and orange peel
  • Slightly sweet taste
  • Medium roast
  • Only suitable for Espresso lovers

Lavazza has also been one of the most famous brands when it comes to coffee beans for many years. We can therefore say that the Qualita Oro Coffee Beans are among the best coffee beans of 2022. Check out this pack of 1000 grams of coffee beans and immerse yourself in the taste of these “golden quality” beans from Lavazza!

For years, coffee experts have agreed that the Lavazza Qualita Oro lives up to its name. After all, this means “Golden quality” in Spanish, and that is something that certainly fits these beans. The Lavazza Qualita Oro consists of 100 percent Arabica beans. Therefore, we are dealing with a coffee bean that provides a slightly sweet, balanced and smooth taste. Connoisseurs speak of an “optimistic coffee” for a positive start to the day.

Unlike the other best coffee beans in this list, the Lavazza Qualita Oro is known for its classic Italian Espresso. A brilliant taste sensation and the intensity of this Italian coffee reflects the Lavazza’s skill when it comes to composing and roasting coffee. The following flavors are reflected in this Lavazza: sweet, chocolate, floral notes and even a little orange peel. With this, you can even taste the Italian life with these beans.


Douwe Egberts Aroma Red

Douwe Egberts
  • Most popular coffee beans in the Benelux
  • Competitive price compared to other beans
  • Taste intensity of 05
  • No exuberant flavors compared to the other beans

Perhaps the most famous and popular coffee beans available on the Dutch market: Douwe Egberts Aroma Red Regular coffee beans. These best coffee beans certainly belong in the list and have an intensity of 5. For many generations, people drink their daily cup of coffee with the Aroma Red Douwe Egberts coffee. Since its founding, Douwe Egberts has been the most consumed coffee bean brand in the Netherlands. With over 265 years of experience roasting and blending coffee beans, Douwe Egberts has always managed to be and remain the biggest brand in the market. The master roasters have more than 265 years of roasting and blending experience. The expertise and love for the trade, we find back in D.E coffee. A trusted cup of Douwe Egberts coffee always gives the warm, cosy feeling of home.

Douwe Egberts Aroma Red, the one and only. An aromatic, round and balanced blend with the recognizable Aroma Rood aroma. Your trusted Douwe Egberts coffee since 1753.

  • Taste intensity 05 (scale 01-09)
  • Suitable for fully automatic & semi automatic machines (coffee beans)
  • Flavour segment: Balanced
  • Economy pack

Which Coffee Beans to Buy?

Coffee beans advice

In this guide, I’ll introduce you with three simple questions to ask yourself when choosing coffee beans. It will make choosing the perfect coffee beans easy and your coffee will taste so much better. I will also point out the common mistakes made when choosing the right beans so you don’t have to make them.

What type of coffee machine do you use?

Despite being a simple question, it is something that is often forgotten when deciding which are the best coffee beans for you in 2022. After all, what method of making coffee will you be using? That is very decisive in the question which best coffee beans you should buy.

Brewing with a French press? Look for coffee beans in the range from medium to dark roasted for a powerful brew. However, you won’t be using beans for this, of course. Because of this, you also don’t need to factor this into your decision of which coffee beans are best for you.

Do you like to drink iced coffee? Then you choose lightly roasted beans with a higher acidity.

If you drink coffee from an espresso machine, you have to be extra careful about the beans you choose. Sometimes, like in Italian coffee, it taste great; others taste terrible!

Pour over coffee lover? Since you’re not adding milk, you should look for a beautiful, exotic single origin bean with flavor notes that excite you.

Which flavors do you like?

The next question to ask yourself is obvious: what do you want? Some coffee lovers seek wine-like, floral filter coffee flavor profiles, while others want a full-bodied, earthy and strong “coffee that tastes like coffee” to which they can add milk.

Certain flavor preferences call for certain types of coffee beans. Here are some tips to get you started:
If you crave the ‘winey’, fruity, floral exotic flavors typically associated with pour-over coffee, lightly roasted single origin coffee beans are a great choice (and don’t add milk!).

If you want something spicy that tastes very “coffee-like,” go for a dark roast coffee. Here’s a list of the best dark roasted coffee beans (adding milk is fine).

Looking for a crazy flavor? If you’re the type that drinks coffee from Starbucks, you’ll probably enjoy some of these flavored coffee options.

In what circumstances will you drink coffee?

In itself also a relevant question, because where you will drink coffee and for what occasion is of great importance for the question what type of coffee beans you will have to choose. If you are looking for the best coffee beans 2022, then you should definitely think about this.

Sensitive to caffeine? Then it makes sense that you’ll go for coffee that’s decaf.

Need extra caffeine? There are super high caffeinated coffee beans worth considering, but be careful. It may just keep you up during the night!

Are you looking for coffee that is easy on your stomach? Then choose the best coffee beans with a low acid content.

Looking for something quick? If you’re always on the go and just need a quick cup of coffee, you’ve probably switched to instant coffee. While we don’t recommend it, there are a few brands to keep an eye on.

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