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Are you looking for the best CBD oil of 2022? Check out our top 5 best rated CBD oil products of 2022. We've tested all of them within our experts testing team. The big question is, of course, which CBD oil is the best, has the best effect and has no negative side effects? We have tested them extensively for taste, effectiveness, price and quality! Check out the best CBD oil of 2022 here!
Best Buy CBD Oil 2022: Top Rated CBD Capsules Deals

Jacob Hooy CBD Oil 5%

Jacob Hooy
  • Most popular CBD oil in 2022
  • Best known manufacturer
  • Best price-quality ratio
  • In some cases, the bottle leaks, wasting precious drops

If you’re looking for the best CBD oil of 2022, Holland & Barrett is the place to be. With over 1000 reviews on their platform, this is one of the most well-known CBD oil products currently available on the market. Buy your CBD oil at Holland & Barrett and be assured of quality!

If you have stress or anxiety, then this CBD oil is a perfect solution for you, because this remedy provides relief from symptoms of stress and anxiety. This best CBD oil of 2022 has a fast and strong effect. In addition, the drug also works great against pain symptoms as rheumatism or osteoarthritis. This ensures that you can easily pick up your life without thinking about the pain if you take the drops of this CBD oil daily.

This CBD oil can be taken by a few drops per day. Holland & Barrett recommends to do this 2-3 times a day for optimal effect. Advice is to let the oil soak into the mouth for 1 minute, before swallowing it. In addition, there is a maximum of 10 drops per day of this best CBD oil tested.

If we look at the price, we notice that drops from competitors are somewhat cheaper. However, the density of these products is also smaller. For example, this best CBD oil 2022 contains 5%, while others in this list have a percentage of 3%.

We tested this CBD oil on someone with polyneuropathies. This person indicated that the drops provided immediate pain relief when taken 2-3 times a day. Previously, heavy medication was used with the necessary side effects, but by using this best CBD oil, that is a thing of the past. The test subject did indicate that the taste was a bit sour, but nevertheless it did have its effect.

In addition, we had someone test this best CBD oil 2022 who experienced a lot of stress. Through the use of this CBD oil, in one month all the stress was gone. However, the downside was that the taste of the CBD oil was a bit less pleasant. Because of this, the test subject switched to the best CBD capsules instead of direct oil drops under the tongue.


Renova – 3% CBD oil

  • Best price-quality ratio
  • Only CBD oil that is completely THC free
  • Free of solvents, heavy metals and pesticides
  • Thoroughly tested for taste & effect
  • None

As the only CBD oil without THC in the Netherlands, this also makes it one of the best CBD oils currently on the market. This CBD oil is grown and manufactured in the United States, to be exact in Colorado. Here, the most innovative and latest scientific techniques have been used to make the oil as ready to use as possible. In addition, the plants have not been genetically modified, but are the very best natural plants, so it is also a 100% plant-based CBD oil.

Why is it beneficial that this best CBD oil 2022 does not contain THC? Well, this actually means that it can be undisputed that there are no possible psychoactive effects or side effects that come from THC. Therefore, because of this, you also don’t have to worry that you would end up with a positive drug test, for example, from using this best CBD oil when you have to drive a car or exercise. For some people, this is a very important reason not to use CBD oil, but with the oil of Renova, this is history!

All hemp plants are grown sustainably and organically to make this best CBD oil 2022. Because of this, they also naturally contain a high CBD content and therefore contain no THC. This is because it is removed during the extraction. In addition, another advantage to this best CBD oil is that it contains no heavy metals, solvents or pesticides. Because of this, you do not have to worry about harmful or chemical substances entering the body with this oil.

It is estimated that there are about 225 drops in a 10 ml bottle of CBD oil. This ensures that – if you stick to the maximum of 10 drops per day – you can get by with this best CBD oil for about 3 weeks. As with the other CBD oils in this list, it is important when taking it that the oil is absorbed under the tongue for a while before you start swallowing it. That way, the CBD oil has the best effect on the body.

If you’re going for the best quality CBD oil, you’ve come to the right place at Renova. The difference is that it contains only 3% CBD oil, so you may have to take more drops compared to another brand in this list. However, according to our test, this is the best cbd oil without thc and actually the only one that is legally available in the Netherlands.

If you are looking for the best cbd oil capsules, then you can also buy this Renova oil in capsules. By doing this, you will not experience the unpleasant taste of the oil and you can just take capsules daily. However, these are a bit more expensive than just the bottles with the CBD oil.


Medihemp 5% CBD oil

  • Number one CBD brand in the Netherlands!
  • Best quality from this list
  • No less than 5% CBD oil
  • Relatively pricey

The best CBD oil in terms of quality comes from the number one CBD brand in the Netherlands: Medihemp! It is a very reputable and reliable company when it comes to CBD products. In addition, it’s actually the only organically certified product available in Europe. It is also currently the best-selling product because it is so widely applicable. However, this CBD oil does not rank highest in this list as best tested because it is fairly pricey compared to the other oils.

This oil is also made from 100% organically grown hemp plants. In addition, there are no other substances added to this CBD oil, so there are also no substances used that can be harmful to the health of consumers.

The benefits of this Medihemp CBD oil:

  • With 5% CBD very widely usable
  • Medihemp = ultimate quality
  • Legal in the Netherlands
  • Perfect for a first time buyer
  • Total of 500mg CBD
  • Easy to dose

Medihemp is the only provider in Europe with a SKAL certificate. This means that you are guaranteed of oil that is safe for the body and has no nasty side effects. It is a CBD oil that is produced at low temperatures, which ensures that cannabinoids are preserved (CBN, CBV, CBG). Besides the cannabinoids, the oil is rich in various terpenes, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

In addition, the oil is also available in different concentrations, which is also unique for the best CBD oil. For example, concentrations of 2.5%, but also of 5% or 10%. In addition, you can also get this best cbd oil in capsules if you prefer not to take drops.


Lucovitaal CBD oil capsules, 20mg

  • Most popular capsules
  • Are often for sale at the 2-for-1 discount at Holland & Barrett
  • Contains 16 drops of CBD oil per capsule
  • Is more expensive than drops, but easier to take
  • Capsules are reasonably wide

For people who prefer to take capsules rather than oil drops, these best cbd capsules is a perfect solution! These drops from Lucovitaal are the most popular and best CBD oil capsules currently on the market. They are 20 milligram capsules that you only need to take once a day. These contain as much as 20mg of 100% pure CBD oil per capsule. CBD, or the best cannabidiol, for those less familiar, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid (does not result in a stoned or high feeling) found in the Cannabis Sativa (Hemp plant). As with the oil varieties in this list, this provides a calming feeling in case of stress or even pain reduction for people with back pain, a hernia or osteoarthritis for example. You can compare the 20mb CBD oil per capsule to about 16 drops. This means that you only need to take 1 every day.

The capsules are more expensive than buying regular CBD oil that you have to put under your tongue, but on the other hand they are easier to take. You can easily take the pills with you everywhere and you always know exactly how much you need per day. On the other hand, the Holland & Barrett often has promotions where they use 2-for-1, so you can buy these best CBD capsules for half the price.

Another disadvantage is that the capsules are fairly wide and also quite long, so they may get stuck in your esophagus if you have trouble swallowing. This may take some getting used to at first, but if you do this every day it won’t bother you after a few days. On the other hand, the capsules of Lucovitaal are tasteless, while the drops of CBD oil are described by many people as something that is quite disgusting. This is also why many people choose to buy the best CBD oil of 2022 in capsules, so that you won’t be bothered by the taste afterwards.

What does CBD oil do?

Actually, it is another name for Hemp Oil. It can have a beneficial effect on many different complaints, but especially helps with chronic pains or with fears that you have. These are reduced when taking the CBD oil and therefore provides many people with a nice feeling.

CBD oil experiences

In this top 4 we have shared our experiences with CBD oil and its effects. This way we want to make sure that you make the right choice between the different kinds of CBD oil and with that also the different brands and prices that are out there.


Tips for CBD oil:

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