Best buy Charcoal 2022

Looking for the best charcoal of 2022? We have tested different types and brands of charcoal for you and listed the best ones. Check out the top 5 and enjoy the best charcoal of 2022 this summer.
best buy charcoal 2022

Black Ranch Charcoil

Black Ranch 15 kg
  • Provides little smoke during BBQ
  • Most popular charcoal of the moment
  • Gives your meat a summery flavor
  • Especially suitable for the Green Egg / Kamado
  • Takes a while to ignite
  • You must have room in your shed for this large bag

Undoubtedly the best and most popular charcoal at the moment: the Black Ranch charcoal of 15 kilos. It is ideal for spontaneous barbecuing, but also for professional use. This best charcoal is also used in restaurants, but for the hobby barbecuer it is certainly one of the best charcoal types of this moment. The nice thing about this charcoal is that it constantly keeps its temperature, which allows you to cook your pieces of meat evenly. You also only need a small amount of charcoal to enjoy it for a long time, which means you can also get away with 1 bag of charcoal for a very long time. Looking for professional charcoal? Then choose this Black Ranch. It stems from South Africa, more specifically from the Acacia. This charcoal gives your meat or other dishes a delicious subtle bbq flavor and gives you that real summer feeling! In addition, with this bag you benefit from the volume discount and buy no less than 15 kilos of charcoal. This best charcoal of 2022 will last you the whole summer! In this charcoal test, the Black Ranch Charcoal came out as the best charcoal.

It is not for nothing that the Black Ranch charcoal is one of the most popular charcoal products on the market. It is in fact made from the well-known tree species Acacia, under the conditions of the FSC label, so you can be sure that you are using sustainable charcoal. The advantage of this charcoal is that it ignites with very little smoke. So you and your neighbors will not be bothered by it when you light the BBQ. In addition, the Black Ranch charcoal varieties always produce little ash, so you also have little to clean up. Finally, the charcoals last quite long, so you only need to use a little bit of good charcoal every time you barbecue.

Black Ranch charcoal is among the best charcoal of 2022, mainly because the coals get up to temperature quickly. With a natural ignition, the temperature of the coals is already at 500 degrees within 20 minutes.

On the Internet everyone is positive about the Black Ranch charcoal. This is not surprising, because the brand is known for its high quality standards and is therefore well loved by true barbecue enthusiasts. Not for nothing is it used in restaurants and professional kitchens around the world.


Bestcharcoal Birch/Oak Charcoal

Bestcharcoal Birch/Oak
  • Most used for Kamado BBQs
  • Made from 2 different types of wood
  • Pleasant smell and taste
  • Last bit in the bag consists of small pieces that are unusable

Looking for the best charcoal of restaurant quality? Then you need to the Birch/Oak from Bestcharcoal. It contains a blend of Hornbeam and Oak that is of the best quality you would expect from charcoal. These chunks are larger than the normal premium quality and therefore also ensure an air flow through your barbecue. This best charcoal is therefore perfect for a Kamado bbq, because it allows you to easily and perfectly adjust the temperature of the inside. In this charcoal test, the Birch Charcoal comes second.

It is a unique type of charcoal, because two types of wood are used. This ensures a pleasant smell during barbecuing, without further causing an overpowering taste in your dishes. This is ideal for the low and slow sessions with your friends, but also just for the real pure lovers of grilling and bbqing.

The disadvantage of this charcoal Birch/Oak, is that in addition to the large pieces, the charcoal also has small chunks in the bag. These are actually unusable, so you can usually throw away the last 2 pounds of best charcoal that is in your bag. This makes the price of this best charcoal 2022 just a bit more expensive than the others in this list. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that we think the taste is really great and that it is definitely recommended for the people who don’t look or a euro more or less.


Dammers Charcoal

  • Ignites quickly
  • Burns evenly and for a long time
  • Does not spatter during burning
  • Relatively expensive

Looking for professional charcoal? A reasonably well-known charcoal type and brand is that of Dammers. This is used in many restaurants and steak houses and can also be found in the average bbq garden. As with Black Ranch, we are talking about charcoal that is made in South Africa. The beauty of this charcoal is that it is actually suitable for any type of barbecue, both for the open grill and the closed grill, but also for the Josper, Bigg Green Egg, Weber or any other type or brand of bbq. In this charcoal test, the Dammers Charcoal came in third.

One of the main features of this professional charcoal is that it comes from South Africa. The charcoal from there is easy to ignite, so you do not have to wait long before it is ready for use. In addition, it burns evenly and for a very long time. This ensures that your meat is equally cooked on all sides and also that you can use the coals for a long time and do not have to replace them quickly. In addition, it also burns at a very high temperature. This is good for when you want to sear the meat quickly.

In addition for safety, the charcoal does not spatter, which is therefore very pleasant during grilling. In addition, it is said that it gives off exactly the right amount of aroma and flavor to the meat, but of course that is subjective. That South African charcoal is not the cheapest kind, that’s true! But undoubtedly, it is among the best kind of charcoal available!


THM Charcoal

  • Large charcoal blocks
  • Especially suitable for the open BBQ
  • Good value for money
  • Last bit in the bag consists of small pieces that are unusable
  • Less suitable for a large BBQ

Last but not least, the THM charcoal! This charcoal is very popular among Dutch BBQ fans and is mainly used for open barbecues. This bag of 10 kilos ensures that you can barbecue undisturbed all summer long. In addition, we are dealing with larger charcoal blocks, which last longer and are also easier to control when it comes to temperature. The charcoal is suitable for direct grilling and, compared to briquettes, ignites pretty quickly. This is to ensure that you can sear your meat quickly. In this charcoal test, the THM Charcoal comes in fourth.

If you have a large BBQ, this THM charcoal is slightly less suitable. There are some smaller pieces (average of 4cm diameter) that burn up quickly. The result is that there is little oxygen and your charcoal will not heat up as quickly. However, if you have a smaller BBQ, then these coals are really ideal to use! In addition, the price-quality ratio of this THM charcoal is very interesting. They burn very long, so you don’t have to refill them every time.


Best Charcoal Green Egg / Kamado

Best for Green Egg / Kamado
  • Best suited for the Green Egg
  • Best suited for any Kamado BBQ
  • Minimal amount of grit in the bag
  • Takes a while to ignite
  • You must have room in your shed for this large bag

Finally, in this list, we once again pay attention to the best charcoal at the moment, namely the Black Ranch. People who want special charcoal for the Green Egg have come to the right place with this Black Ranch charcoal. When choosing charcoal for a Green Egg or Kamado, you should always ask yourself the following questions first:

  • Is the charcoal dry?
  • What exactly is the charcoal made of?
  • Is there no grit in the bag?
  • What is the size of the charcoal blocks?

The rule of thumb with good charcoal is actually that they should be fist-sized (easy to remember, haha). The reason for this is that it is then easier for you to keep a good control over the temperature. Charcoal from larger pieces actually burn more evenly and also much longer. This means you can enjoy it longer and have the best of the best in house especially for your Green Egg charcoal!

It is also important to know exactly what the charcoal is made of. Looking for professional charcoal? Then choose this Black Ranch. It comes from South Africa from the Acacia tree. This charcoal will give your meat or other dishes a deliciously subtle bbq flavor and will give you that real summer feeling!

As a next rule, it is important that the charcoal has a minimum amount of grit in the bag. If there is a lot of grit in the bag, then this is a sign that the charcoal quickly crumbles and is therefore less good for bbqing. In addition, the grit clogs in the ventilation holes of your kamado bbq, so you can no longer ventilate optimally and the whole process is interrupted.

Finally, it is important that your charcoal is dry. If you keep your charcoal in a barn for a long time where it can sometimes be humid, then this can cause a lot of moisture in the charcoal. You will notice this immediately when you light it and it creates a relatively large amount of smoke.


How to choose good charcoil?

The Charcoil Buying Guide
What charcoal should I buy?

That depends a lot on what the purpose is that you are going to use the charcoal for. For example, you have charcoal that you can use for a few burgers, but if you want to bbq low and slow, then you will need thicker and different charcoal.

Difference Charcoal & Briquettes?

Charcoal is heated wood where the volatile compounds are removed from the wood. The wood is burned but by limiting the air supply it does not burn completely. You are therefore left with dry pieces of charred wood that are perfectly suitable for the barbecue.

Briquettes are made from the residues from the production of charcoal. These residues are finely ground into powder and then pressed into blocks with a binding agent. Briquettes are mainly used in a BBQ with a closed lid. Briquettes do not heat up as quickly and also retain less heat, so you need a lid to ensure you retain enough heat.

What is the best Big Green Egg charcoal?

The best charcoal consists of large pieces, minimal grit, is of responsible origin and is dry!

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